Ron, Maureen and Paul Visit Us From The UK

It was truly delightful to have our daughter and her family from England come and visit us. They could only spend two weeks, so we contrived to fill each day, since the vacation was such a short one. It was quite possible to accommodate them all here at our home, making full use of the lower level of our split-level home.

The highlight of their holiday here was a 4-day trip to the country home of Dr. David Bates, a veterinarian from Winnipeg, who owned a delightful home on the fringe of Riding Mountain National Park, a one-hour drive from our house. This home was completely furnished and very handsomely so.

Clear Lake Riding Mountain National Park Manitoba Canada 20

Situated close to a branch of Clear Lake, it was possible to walk down to the lake-side and view nature in many ways. There was also a canoe which was possible to be put on the lake, and a full size table-tennis outfit, of which we made very generous use. Everyone enjoyed the four days.

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