Final days (2006-2007)

Due to failing health, Dad was unable to continue writing, but extracted a firm promise from us to continue and finish his autobiography.

All through 2006, his condition worsened. He was re-admitted to hospital where there appeared nothing could be done.

During this period of hospitalization, Dad attained his 100th birthday. On June 4th the Cavalry Temple church honoured him at a special service. He was taken there by special transport. There was a slide show with pictures of him all through his life with his favourite music as a background to the show. He was presented with a plaque engraved with his chosen scripture.
On the day itself, 8th June 2006, family joined him for a luncheon which was held in a private room at the hospital. Before that date, several of his grandchildren managed to take time off work to fly to Brandon to visit with him. First Mark then Cathy, Kai, Michael and Joan came for the actual birthday. His niece Joan came in from Kitchener which pleased him.

Then on 10th June, we arranged special transport to take him to Lawson Lodge where a special Tea party was held in his honour. More family and many friends attended and he received many certificates cards and letters of congratulations. A special visitor representing United States Social Security arrived to present him with their certificate of congratulations with a view to confirming his existence! Even Her Majesty the Queen sent her congratulations in a card with her photograph. Dad thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, and was decidedly exhausted on his return to the hospital.
The family suspected the main symptoms were the result of Lyme Disease, but the hospital was unable to confirm this diagnosis. It was decided that, after much deliberation, Dad needed the care level of a Personal Care Home. He himself; in one of his clearer moments, agreed and chose the Dinsdale Care Home for his new home.

On September 19th 2006 a room became available and Dad moved into what would become his home. For the next four months, he was well taken care of and became quite fond of the staff and appreciative of all their efforts to make him comfortable. His health continued to decline and he experienced aspiration pneumonia as his ability to swallow became a problem. Strong as he was, he survived the first episode much to everyone's amazement. However, the second episode found him weakened. He himself no longer wanted to continue in this state. On January 22nd 2007, early in the morning, he breathed his last, finally at peace.

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  1. I am the living legacy to this spectacular life and man... Grandpa I love you!