Gordon and Arna's trip to Loma Linda (2000)

The next couple of weeks proved to be very active. Both Gordon and Arna had to take part in various activities such as Alumni post-graduate course for Gordon and modern health practices studies for Arna. As this entailed being away from Yankee Hill for ten days, the question arose as to what to do with me over this period. I suggested taking care of myself, staying on alone at Yankee Hill, but this was not considered wise. So, after a great deal of thought, we got in touch with Mark and Barbara who live in Santa Barbara and, after explaining the situation, they readily agreed to have me stay with them until Gordon and Arna's sojourn in Loma Linda was over. They could drive me over (8-hour trip) and collect me when their convention was over. I was truly grateful. It enabled me not only to spend some time with my latest great-grandson, Aidan, now an active and very delightful year and a half-old kid, but also to have Joan, my favourite daughter-in-law as company as well.

Santa Barbara is a truly delightful part of California, on the Pacific coast, and bordered by lofty mountains. The weather too is milder, and Mark's place is located in an area where the Spanish element is very visible. It was certainly a welcome break from the drab outlook of Yankee Hill. Mark is very well placed in an important classified job and Barbara is also a leading director in the region of exchange students to various parts of the world, and as a fluent speaker of Spanish is mostly involved in placing students in countries like Mexico, Spain, Chile etc. - She actually spent four days in Mexico, while I was staying at her home, so as to attend to a disturbance which occurred at a university there.

Joan and I were able to visit places like the Museum of Natural History and the shopping area as well. We even attended a movie during a certain afternoon show, as well as going for several exercise walks around the home.

Returning to Yankee Hill. I checked the weather conditions in Canada and decided it was time to end my stay in Yankee Hill. I then booked my return trip to Marsha for the 4th April 2000. The flight from Sacramento was quite uneventful, and I got into Minneapolis on time and at Winnipeg, Aubrey and Marsha were there to meet me. I was quite tired and decided to rest up a bit. I was surprised to find the weather quite good. However, it did snow a few days later. To make up for my long absence from active living, I promptly booked for the spring supper dance at the Canadian Legion's Hall for Sunday April 16th. We invited Dori Chambers to join us, and together with a lot of my personal friends, we really had a wonderful time, getting home at 8.00 pm. We had danced from 4 to 6 pm, dined at 6 to 7 pm and danced again until departure time.

The weather in Brandon is quite good and as a result, I have commenced raking the several lawns around the house in preparation for mowing.

The Riverview Club, which is just 'around the corner' from home, is used for several sports. During the winter season, 'curling' is done there. In spring, it is used as a 'floor shuffleboard rink', and occasionally, it is also used as a 'dog racing' arena, where pedigree animals such as Dobermans, Greyhounds etc. perform. I enjoy playing floor shuffleboard there and the season is just about starting again (May 10th 2000).

We plan to spend a short holiday in Toronto, one of Canada's largest and most populated cities. I have never visited this city, and except for just passing through, I just don't know it at all.  Maureen and Paul are coming over from the U.K. and will meet us in Toronto where we will try to see as much of this city as we can in three days. I will fly from Winnipeg to Toronto and a free 'Air Miles' ticket, Marsha and Aubrey will drive from Brandon to Toronto in their Mini van, where they will collect both Maureen and Paul and myself. Then go sight-seeing as a joint group. I will do the return trip to Brandon On my air-ticket, and Aubrey, Marsha, Maureen and Paul will return by the Mini-van. It is quite a long car ride, hence my decision to fly both ways.

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