Return to Brandon, Manitoba (1993)

Today is Saturday 24th July 1993. Maureen, Ron and I go shopping in Wembley Central. They buy their usual weekly supply of groceries, while I browse around the shops looking for souvenirs to take back to Brandon.

It is now evening as I write this after returning from a Malaysian restaurant nearby where I had taken Ron and Maureen to enjoy a terrific dinner, as my final treat to them before leaving for home in Canada tomorrow. What a delicious meal it was!

The following morning I am taken by car to Heathrow Airport to catch my flight, and joined a queue of about 250 people all going to Winnipeg. It took 1 hour and 15 minutes to be booked in this crowd, being one snake-like wavy line stretching all over the vast area which is Heathrow.

At the check-point my carry-on bag was expertly searched by hand even after it had passed through the screening test previously. You can hardly blame the airport inspector, since there have been many problems at this important airport.

The direct flight to Winnipeg, passing over Iceland and south Greenland was quite uneventful, and quite pleasant indeed. Approaching the terminal however, it became very foggy, we could barely see out of the windows. We landed in pouring rain, and after a little delay through Immigration and Customs, I quickly recovered my baggage, and was met by Aubrey, Marsha and Agnes.

We stopped off and had a light meal on the way home, and arrived in Brandon about 8.00 p.m.

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