My Experience with a Car Burglar (1993)

This is still Friday night 23rd July and by a strange co-incidence, we were looking at "Crime Watch" on television which clearly showed how robberies and other crimes are carried out and how the British police handle this situation.

As it ended, Ron got up from his chair and went out on the back patio to enjoy a cigarette, leaving the back door open. I followed him, but stopped in the kitchen for a glass of water. Without the slightest warning, in rushed an Irish young man, pushing Ron aside and barging into the house. He got as far as the steps leading upstairs, then stopped, got down on his knees and said "He's got a knife, he's after me".

At this point, Ron came back into the house and dialled the police (999). Hearing the police were being called, the intruder bolted back out the door he had come in, and with a giant leap scaled the 8 foot brick wall dividing us from the next door neighbour. It was amazing how he scaled that wall without the least effort.

In no time at all, the police arrived complete with a police dog, but by now the young Irishman had jumped several other walls and made his escape.  It would appear that there was a gang of car thieves operating nearby, and this young man was one of them. He was just bluffing when entered our house, and really trying to hide from the police who were already on their tracks.

I was later told by the police that three of the gang were already in custody, but our young "visitor" must have got away somehow. The police did search yard after yard with their dog, but the young Irishman probably outwitted them. It was not until about mid-night that I was able to get to sleep - what an experience!

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