Return to Britain | Visits to Family (1993)

It was truly amazing how, at my 87 years of age, I was able to cope with such a strenuous schedule but two days later I came down with a sore throat and runny nose, which was inevitable after mixing with 43 other people in fairly close contact for all of six days. So I went to Maureen's doctor, whom I had met some years ago and he prescribed for me. Incidentally, the visit was free, and being a senior, the medication (28 Erythromycin tablets) was also free at the chemist's shop. How can you beat that for socialized medical care?

Today, the 16th July 1993. Ron and Maureen are leaving for Birmingham to attend a grand three-day Amway function called "Family Reunion" to be held there. They are returning on Sunday evening.

It was arranged that I would spend the week-end at Lincoln with my lifelong friends, Sonny and Joyce Barrow, who live there. Unfortunately, Joyce developed a serious bronchial condition, and the visit had to be scrapped.

However, Paul will come down from Leicester and keep me company. He is doing a computer course at the college there which is a good two to three hours away from London. I visited Cathy a few days ago, and will spend a few days with Kai and his family on Monday 19th July.

Accordingly, I caught the British Rail at King's Cross station around 11.00 a.m. and journeyed to Cambridge where he, his wife Kavitha and my great-grandson Kamal live. They have secured a delightful flat, and I was pleasantly surprised at its layout and situation - £400 a month -. Kai is not only now a proud parent, but also a Ph.D. (physics), Kavitha is an Arts graduate, and the little Kamal is a healthy little fellow. I over-nighted there, and Kai took me touring Cambridge, and showed me all principal places. I took a picture of "Kings College" before returning to Eastcote Avenue by the following day's train. Before departing, however, I treated this young family to an oriental meal at one of the good restaurants in Cambridge.

On Thursday evening of 22nd July, Daphne my niece, now married to John Wright, came over and took me to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. As you know, Daphne is the daughter of Aria, Emma's sister (now deceased).

During my stay in Britain and the continent I must have sampled five or six different ethnic dishes but I must say I enjoyed them all.

Maureen and I had English, Indian and Chinese type foods. At Cambridge I was introduced to Malay type meals, and during the six day visit to the continent, I ate French and Dutch type food as well. Most of it was light, vegetable, and quite well prepared. They were all practical and very sensible. We certainly made the most of this experience.

Tomorrow, Saturday 24th July, I will go to Wembley Central and try to select a few gifts as souvenirs to take back to Canada. I have already re-confirmed my reservation for departure on Sunday 25th July and was even given a seat number 17F on Air Canada.

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