A late winter visit to Gordon

Pursuant to my two month visit with Maureen in England, I left Brandon somewhat later than usual for my winter stay with Gordon.

At this point in time, Gordon had changed jobs and was now stationed at another prison site, at Blythe on transfer in Southern California. There was quite a group of Arna's family who were located in Blythe, and since her mother at 91 years of age was in poor health, he thought is best to move down to be closer at hand.

Leaving Brandon on February 10th 1998, I travelled again with a Senior Citizen's coupon and got into Phoenix, Arizona, where Gordon collected me, driving into Blythe the following day. We over nighted in Phoenix, which is a large city. 

After a two hour ride, we finally got to his new home, a newly built modern type and comfortable home. Being at the southern end of California, it remains quite warm all year, and is ideal as a winter resort. Unfortunately, Arna' mother, Chris, developed a minor stroke, and had to be hospitalized. She was subsequently taken to Loma Linda University Hospital for more intensive treatment.

Shortly after I left for California, Aubrey and Marsha took a brief holiday and drove to Edmonton to visit Richie and also their two grandchildren. They made all arrangements for their business, 'Hardinge Enterprises', to be conducted by their trained staff during their short absence.

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