Short Trips to England (1997)

Over in the U.K., about this time, Ron, Maureen's husband, developed a condition of lung cancer, and coupled with diabetes, became seriously ill. He had to be admitted to Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow and after radiotherapy, became worse and needed constant attention. He had to be taken to Meadow House Hospice, a cancer unit in Ealing specially reserved for terminal cases. He passed away on 11th September 1997.

During his serious periods of illness, Marsha travelled over to England to help her sister in taking care of him. She made two trips over to the UK and spent about one month in all, helping Maureen to cope with a truly sad situation.

With Ron's passing, Maureen is making a serious effort to so adjust her life and that of her son Paul, to comfortably fit in to a new lifestyle. I am quite pleased with the way she now views everything. She is making a great effort to update her house and has already established central heating and is also arranging to modernize her bathroom and kitchen. Also, she is taking driving lessons and will soon be able to be mobile in her own car.

There was yet another sad occurrence back in Brandon, Manitoba, when, also in September of 1997, a dear friend, Agnes Parker passed away. She and I had travelled quite a bit, going to her own
scattered family all over Canada, and visiting mine in England and California during our twelve year friendship.

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